How it works for you

Blade Control Panel is the ultimate solution to managing your Ragnarok Servers professionally. You'll have access to an evolved set of tools and features that you've never experienced before!

Powerful Eco-system

Blade CP resides within the Laravel and VueJS eco-system, making it an industry level web application.

Multi-Emulator Support

With support for the best Ragnarok Online emulators, manage them all on one website!

Informative Databases

Tired of the same old blocks of numbers and letters in your item and monster databases? Give your players the ultimate search experience just like RMS!

Informative Tooltips

Hover over an item or monster on a page and magically, a tooltip with its image and information will appear!

Powerful Administration

Oversee and manage all servers. Download database backups on a whim. View logs, track items and transactions, edit/delete/create them with ease.

User Profiles

As any great website, Blade CP offers User Profiles for a more engaging audience.


An automated online shop module helps you manage customer purchases and redemptions easily.

Password Encryption

Still storing passwords in plain text? Blade CP uses the Bcrypt algorithm to store passwords.

Hack Proof

Blade CP is protected from various types of attacks such as XSS, CSRF and SQL injection.

Guarded Accounts

Provide professional security to your users with Two Factor Authorisation and IP change detection.

Master Account

One account shall rule them all. Control all your game accounts on all servers from a main master account.

Social Logins

Gain faster and easier registrations through social providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

Theme Integration

Easily integrate any theme or template into Laravel's awesome Blade templating engine.

Automated Emails

Send emails to users on registration, account password changes, new character creations, logins from different IP Addressess, online purchases and many more events.

Highly Customisable

Unlike Laravel's vendor packages that can't be edited, Blade CP comes with all its packages bundled for you to customise as you please!

Constant Free Updates

You're not stuck with a version! When you purchase a license, you can download the latest version at any time!

24/7 Support

Need help with Setup? Want to know how you can customise something? Contact me at any time!

In Professional Hands

Are you using Blade CP? If so, your website boasts of being developed by one of the best web artisans in the industry.

Not impressed yet?

Why don't you try out the live demo to get an idea of what Blade CP is all about.